The Most Delicious Salmon

If you are cooking the SEVEN FISH dinner this holiday season, why not make one stress-free? You have six others to worry about! 

Steve's favorite is Maple Mustard Salmon, made with our very own PaleoChef.
Steve’s favorite is Maple Mustard Salmon, made with our very own PaleoChef.

Never before has convenience been so delicious. Our salmon tastes like it’s chef made and it goes from freezer to fork in seven minutes. It’s hard to believe it until you try it! Perfect for a special dinner or even a quick lunch, keeping it stocked in your freezer means you will be prepared with a delicious option rather than take out! 

It comes in three varieties– plain, Maple Mustard and Ginger Cilantro, made with our squeaky clean PaleoChef. It can also be cooked in the oven, grill or stove top.

We sustainably source this amazing salmon with Bakkafrost, an organization wholeheartedly dedicated to sustainable practices and cherishing the environment. Raised in the open waters of the North Atlantic Ocean just between Iceland and Scotland, this moist and flavorful fish has never been treated with antibiotics or hormones.

The care given to the welfare of Steve’s Salmon makes for a beautiful result. Raised in the open sea with excellent biological conditions like continuous flow of fresh waters, stable water temperatures, low stocking and the highest quality feed. Unlike traditional fish farming practices, ours most replicates natural open water conditions.

Order some today for an everyday treat or that special holiday meal!