The Finest and First Grainless Granola: Paleo Krunch

preview-full-JERF365-FBad-v2It’s so delicious, sometimes we even ask ourselves, how could something so decadent be good for you? PaleoKrunch was our second product in the PaleoGoods line up. Over the last 8 years, it’s become a snack staple and a breakfast must have for those who miss their morning cereal after adopting a paleo diet.

We start by sourcing the best ingredients we can find. Our Original PaleoKrunch is a blend of almonds, coconut, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and honey. We use raw nuts to retain as much of the natural CRUNCH as we can in our finished cereal. You have told us that’s what sets us apart from the rest, and your feedback is the most important. You want big flavor and and even bigger crunch.

We don’t believe in pulverizing ingredients to spit out finished bars at the speed of light. Walk through the kitchen at Steve’s PaleoGoods, and you will see real people making real food! We mix all the ingredients and tray up your PaleoKrunch by hand. Minimal processing leaves the ingredients in our products closest to their natural state, making them healthy and delicious.

We’ve achieved the perfect crunch by blending the best ingredients we can get our hands on and baking them to perfection. The actual temperature and time is a trade secret, but the result speaks loudly for itself. Our grainless granola is then packaged fresh and loose for our cereal or sliced and weighed for our bars. PaleoKrunch cereal is best for those looking for a morning bowl with coconut milk or to sprinkle on fruit or yogurt. Bars are great for those looking for portion control or something to throw in a bag for on-the-go!

There’s something for everyone with 13 flavors of cereal including decadent faves like Maple Bacon Krunch and PaleoKoko and even two nut-free varieties! There’s five delicious PaleoKrunch bars, stock up on your staples or try something new like KaleoKrunch. For those looking for protein POWER without the powder, try our line of pro-packed PaleoBars.

You can trust that everything you’ll find at Steve’s PaleoGoods will stay true to your paleo lifestyle. Everything we make is gluten-free with no junk added. No preservatives, no artificial flavors or colorings and no added sugar. But that’s not the case with other “paleo-ish” or “paleo friendly” products on the market. As always, check the deck for hidden ingredients you don’t want or need in your packaged paleo products!

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