Product Review from Alchemist Eating

What a a delicious paleo snack!
What a a delicious paleo snack!

Every now and then, some really cool people ask to review our products. Dr. Dana Leigh Lyons over at the blog is one of those people. In addition to running her Alchemist Eating blog, she is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine who uses a primal-paleo approach to help  people struggling with weight, diet and digestion problems, including eating addictions and eating disorders. Along with her husband, she runs the Alchemist Clinic in Lake Worth, FL.

Good news is, she loves our stuff and our mission! Here’s a little snippet of her post and head over to her blog for the full review.

“You know how all these new, shiny, packaged paleo products keep popping up in grocery stores and magazine ads? Particularly as more and more people realize the benefits of paleo-primal eating?

Well, as thrilled as I am about the paleo movement’s crazy expansion over the last 5 years, I avoid most of that packaged stuff—instead sticking to real, whole, unpackaged food as much as possible.

Most paleo bars and treats pack high sugar and carb loads…and often contain ingredients that are technically “allowed” but which I generally skip (natural sweeteners, for instance).

And yet, when I have myself the rare treat of a grain-free granola bar from Steve’s PaleoGoods–wow, was I pleasantly surprised.”