Paleo Friendly Fast Food

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Our Flagship PaleoKit

Just because you need food fast, doesn’t mean you need fast food! Skip the drive thru and plan for healthy options instead. The key to managing hunger is preparation. At Steve’s PaleoGoods, we are happy to help you stay paleo prepared, fueled and FED while on-the-go.

Our flagship product the PaleoKit is a perfectly balanced snack or meal replacement. It is conveniently vacuum packed to stay fresh and delicious. Throw one in your bag and you will be good to go when you need something paleo on the GO!

PaleoBars pack protein!

Tired of eggs in the morning? Cooking and cleaning up can sometimes be an extra hassle you just don’t need. Keep some PaleoBars in your freezer, perfect for breakfast time or anytime. They are the most delicious and cleanest protein bars on the market. We are proud to bring you 4 flavors: Pumpkin Cranberry (16 grams of protein), Chocolate Pineapple (20 grams of protein), Nutty Butter (16 grams of protein) and Bacon Eggs and Coffee (17 grams of protein). Made with REAL egg whites, PaleoBars have no added artificial sweeteners or refined sugar. Check out our sampler pack and conveniently try them all!

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Crafted by hand.

Don’t be chicken to check out our Honey Mustard PaleoJerky. You’ve been eating beef jerky for years, so try it white-meat style! Tender pieces of chicken are smoked with mustard, vinegar, honey, garlic, and chives to create this popular combo. Time is the not-so-secret curing ingredient that gives us the most flavorful, succulent jerky on the market. Naturally curing our meat adds to the flavor and eliminates chemicals and automated tumbling.

Just a few ideas to help keep you paleo on the go! See our full product line for your new and old favorites.