How I healed my gut

Steve Liberati here. I wrote this blog post to talk about gut health, inflammation, and what it all has to do with my company, Steve’s

As you can see, I put my name on every product we sell —from to organic dried fruit wild-fermented kraut —not because I love seeing my name in print, but because I’m proud of what we’re doing over here.

I started Steve’s back in 2007 because I saw the need for clean, high-quality snacks for my community. 

Thirteen years and 60+ products later and I’m more passionate than ever about helping people find healthy alternatives to processed crap.

But I haven’t always been this healthy. And even now, buy zovirax online

In fact, I used to think I was cursed with a “weak” stomach. For years, no matter how clean I ate, my stomach would bother me afterward.

And it didn’t stop there. 

I got all of the problems that come with bad gut health…

  • Gas
  • Bloating
  • Diarrhea
  • Skin issues
  • Poor sleep

My gut would even affect my mood and overall well-being. Let’s just say I wasn’t always pleasant to be around.

After years of eliminating one food after another, I began to think that I was just going to have to avoid most of the foods I love for the rest of my life.

So, what does all of this have to do with my company, Steve’s?

Well, it wasn’t until I started a diet of fruits, veggies, pastured meat, and wild-fermented foods that I started truly healing years of damage. 

Soon, my gut was strong enough to start incorporating a couple of pieces of pizza on the weekends…. Or even a cold beer without pain.

Because the point of gut health isn’t to have a perfect diet all the time.

The point is to heal your gut so you can enjoy your life again—no matter what you eat.

That’s why we’re dedicated to offering an array of snacks and meal enhancements like dressings, sauces, krauts, and kimchis… So, you can enjoy healthy additions to your food that actually taste good.

And when it comes to healing your gut?

Nothing compares to our Gut Kulture Shots.

Made from organic, cold-pressed vegetable juice, Gut Kulture Shots also contain minerals, enzymes, and other critical nutrients necessary to colonize your gut microbiome.

Plus, they’re 100% additive- and sugar-free, making them not only Paleo-friendly but keto-friendly as well.

The best part? You get all your daily probiotics in less than 30-seconds —at home, on the go, or even mixed with your favorite juice.

So, you don’t have to be perfect all the time to get your gut back on track.

You just need a daily dose of nutrient-dense wild probiotics. 

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