The 4 Benefits of Gut Kulture Shots for Gut Health, Immunity, Stress and More.

Every year, more peer-reviewed research points to the benefits of probiotic supplements and foods that contain “good” bacteria.

In the past 20 years, scientific interest in probiotics has grown twentyfold, with thousands of papers now published every year on the topic[1].

One recent survey found that 61% of doctors prescribe probiotics for their patients, for general gut health as well as specific conditions like diarrhea[2].

The only problem with probiotics?

Probiotic supplements may be less effective than traditional fermented foods[3].

On the other hand, ferments can be expensive and time-consuming, not to mention messy.

That’s why we invented Probiotic Gut Kulture Shots, a one-of-a-kind functional superfood with natural, living probiotics.

Imagine the best of both worlds: the ease and convenience of supplements, plus the powerful health benefits of traditional probiotic foods.

Keep reading to learn about our unique process, the 4 biggest benefits of adding Gut Shots to your regimen, and how to use them to supercharge your wellness.

What Is Wild Fermentation?

Wild Fermentation is what sets true Gut Health Superfoods apart from everything else.

But before we dive into the wonderful world of Wild Fermentation, let’s brush up briefly on the basics of fermentation.

Fermentation is “any process that changes food or other organic matter through chemical enzymes.”

In plain English, fermentation is the difference between cabbage and kimchi, milk and yogurt, grapes and wine.

And in the food world, most fermentation takes place thanks to bacteria and yeasts. These microscopic creatures transform normal food into something much more interesting, almost like magic.

There’s a catch, though. Not all fermentation is equal.

Large corporations in the food industry have fermentation down to an exact science.

They introduce the specific culture (often genetically modified organisms or GMOs) at the precise time needed to get the same results, every time. As cheaply as possible.

The result is a homogenous product that’s identical from batch to batch, no matter what, like national brands of beer.

Wild Fermentation is the opposite process. It’s equal parts art and science (and way less boring).

During Wild Fermentation, live probiotic cultures come directly from fruits, vegetables, or even the air itself.

Think of industrial fermentation as the “factory farming” of the probiotic food world. In contrast, Wild Fermentation cultures are more like “Isotretinoin” probiotic foods.

And Wild Fermentation not only tastes better–it’s also far better for your gut health.

Factory-fermented foods use one or two strains to get predictable results. The final product must be the same every time (and may not even contain any live probiotic cultures).

Whereas Wild Fermented foods may contain dozens or hundreds of natural, living bacteria and yeast cultures, working in concert as nature intended.

Bottom line: For flavor as well as digestive health, the time-honored process of Wild Fermentation is simply superior in every way to GMO factory fermented foods.

4 Benefits of Gut Kulture Shots

Probiotic Gut Kulture Shots are our answer to the growing demand for Gut Health Superfoods.

These are the reasons people love them:

1.  Gut shots are Wild Fermented for weeks at a time. Our fermentation process is unlike any other. Natural probiotic foods may support better digestion, improved immune function, easier weight loss, healthier skin, and a happier mood[4][5][6][7][8]. Just as importantly, we don’t screw up the final product by pasteurizing or adding preservatives or other garbage. That’s why they must be transported and stored cold.

2.  Adaptogenic ingredients balance your immune system and help your body deal with stress. An adaptogen “acts by increasing the resistance of the organism to a broad spectrum of adverse biological, chemical, and physical factors…[with a] normalizing effect on the various organ systems of the recipient organism”[9]. We use adaptogens like astragalus, ashwagandha, and ginseng for their scientifically-proven benefits[10][11][12]. The upshot? You can deal with stress more easily, which also leads to less inflammation in your body and better digestive health[13]. Win-win-win.

3.  They’re rich in natural polyphenol antioxidants. Antioxidants reduce cellular stress in your body[14]. But recent research suggests antioxidant supplements may be harmful, and that antioxidant-rich functional foods (like Gut Shots) are superior for your health[14][15]. And one study found that Wild Fermentation naturally increased the number of antioxidants in a beverage compared to factory fermentation[16].

4.  Hand-selected herbs pack a potent punch. Your goals and needs are unique to you, which is why we offer a variety of carefully-crafted probiotic blends. Each formula contains select herbs such as ginger and burdock for digestion, dandelion for liver support, and turmeric for inflammation control (to name a few of many)[17][18][19].

Are there other products on the market that offer the same benefits? Not a chance.

Keep reading to learn what sets our probiotic Shots apart from products that may appear similar.

Gut Kulture Shots vs. Other Cold Pressed Shots on the Market

At Steve’s, we like to say we don’t have any competitors.

A bold claim, perhaps. But right now, no one else is offering anything remotely like our Gut Power Shots.

Here’s what we’ve noticed about other products out there:

  • They’re made from cold-pressed juices, not whole foods. Juice isn’t paleo, it isn’t keto, and it isn’t a living whole food. That’s why you won’t find words like “juice” or “concentrate” on our label.
  • A shelf life of days. Except when they add powdered preservatives, other companies’ products only last a few days. Ours last a year when stored properly, without any additives. Why? Two words: living probiotics. The beneficial bacteria act as a natural stabilizer and keep Gut Shots tasty, fresh, and safe to drink.
  • Dormant or dead bacteria. Some companies mix some powdered probiotics into their blends and call it a day. The result is not a living food, but rather an artificial concoction. You might as well empty some probiotic capsules into orange juice made from concentrate.

In contrast, we already discussed how our living probiotic products are fermented for weeks at a time. We use a special process, with whopping amounts of natural antioxidants and synergistic ingredients like adaptogens and other herbs.

They’re formulated to work seamlessly with keto, paleo, or any healthy, balanced diet.

Next, you’ll learn the best ways to fit Gut Kulture Shots into your life to help you thrive.

How to Use Gut Kulture Shots

One serving of Probiotic Gut Kulture Shots is 2 ounces (59 mL).

Most people take a single serving per day, but our popular keto cleanse protocol prescribes up to two per day.

To support digestive health, we recommend taking a shot of Turmeric Ginger Recover or Beet Ginger Boost 15 minutes before a meal. You can also use them after a heavy meal to settle your stomach.

For maximum nutritional value, definitely drink Pure Goodness with a healthy meal. Packed with greens and spirulina, it’s our most nutrient-dense Shot.

If you need a caffeine-free energy boost in the afternoon, nothing compares to our adaptogen-packed Immuni Root Balance Shot. You can also use it any time you’re feeling run-down or stressed out.

Lastly, our Carrot Turmeric Calm Shot is designed to help you chill out and unwind at the end of the day. Lavender, chamomile, valerian root, and passion flower work together to support a calm nervous system and promote rest and relaxation[20].

The tangy, natural flavors are also delicious in beverages. You can mix any of our shots into smoothies, sparkling water, juice, or even cocktails.

How many Gut Shots can you have in a day? They’re perfectly safe, so enjoy as many as you’d like.

But we think that one or two shots a day are plenty for most people. The wisest method is to use them for longer periods of time to support your gut health.

If you take time off, you can always use Gut Shots in the future any time you need to restore balance to your microbiome or increase your body’s resilience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ingredients in Gut Kulture Shots?

Turmeric Ginger – RECOVER

Distilled Water, Carrot*, Turmeric*, Ginger*, Winter Squash*, Hot Yellow Pepper*, Black Pepper*, Celtic Sea Salt, Hand-Batched Live Active Culture*.

Immuni-Root – BALANCE

Distilled Water, Beet*, Carrot*, Sarsaparilla*, Turmeric*, Ginger*, Burdock Root*, Kudzu Root*, Astragalus Root*, Shatavari Root*, Dandelion Root*, White Ginseng*, Ashwagandha Root*, Rhodiola Root*, Celtic Sea Salt, Hand-Batched Live Active Culture*.

Green Goodness – GREENS 

Distilled Water, Cabbage*, Chard*, Kale*, Fennel*, Ginger*, Spinach*, Lemon*, Dandelion*, Parsley*, Watercress*, Chlorella*, Spirulina*, Celtic Sea Salt & Hand-Batched Live Active Culture*.

Beet Ginger – BOOST

Beets*, Distilled Water, Ginger*, Celtic Sea Salt, Live Active Culture*.

Carrot Turmeric – CALM 

Carrots*, Kale*, Fennel*, Ginger,* Turmeric*, Lemon Balm*, Chamomile*, Passionflower*, Lavender*, Valerian*, Celtic Sea Salt, Live Active Culture*.

*Organic Ingredients

How Many Gut Kulture Shots should I take?

It depends on your goals. You can take a shot before or after heavy meals to help with digestion, take every other day to help with inflammation and recovery, or take once or even twice per day to keep your whole system strong. 

Many people enjoy a 2-week “cleanse” of two shots per day for added nutrient-density and an immune system boost. Then, they’ll go back to one shot per day.

How Do I Drink Gut Kulture Shots?

Gut Kulture Shots are designed to drink straight from the bottle, but you can also enjoy with your favorite juices, smoothies, or dilute with fresh or sparkling water. There’s only one way to NOT drink your shots —heated. The heat will destroy the live active cultures.

Should I Refrigerate My Gut Shots?

Once you receive your shots, keep them refrigerated as much as possible. While they are portable, it’s best to keep live active cultures cold.

Should I Fast While Taking Gut Kulture Shots?

Gut Kulture Shots were designed to take alongside a healthy diet. This is not one of those “stop everything and only drink gut shots” type of product.

Conclusion: Power to Your Gut

Scientific evidence is clear that beneficial bacteria support gut health and promote healthy digestion[4].

But not all probiotics are equally effective. Manufacturing and storage determine the concentration of bacteria, and whether or not they even survive[21].

Our Probiotic Gut Kulture Shots are small-batch Wild Fermented, organic, non-GMO, sugar free, keto-friendly, and paleo.

They offer all the benefits of traditional whole food ferments, with the portability and convenience of supplements.

We recommend the 2-ounce single-serve bottles for first-timers or travel use, and the 8-ounce bulk bottles for savings.

For a limited time, you can try our 4-pack Gut Kulture Sampler at 20% off for any quantity. Enter code POWER20 at checkout to receive the discount.