FREE Coconut Oil

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

At Steve’s PaleoGoods, not only do we want to help you eat clean, we want you to cook clean too. That’s why we took the very same Coconut Oil we use in our products and brought it to you in jar form. The kind we use is unrefined, also known as “virgin” or “pure” Coconut Oil and is free of any additives or bleaching agents that can sometimes be found in refined Coconut Oil.

Our Coconut Oil is perfect for cooking, frying and baking.It is a great oil to use when cooking at high temperatures Some even add it to coffee or use it as a beauty product!

Because we love to reward our dedicated customers, we’re giving you one FREE Coconut Oil and FREE SHIPPING in all orders over $50.

Just follow these steps:

1) Make sure your cart’s sub-total is over $50
2) Add the Coconut Oil to your cart
3) Enter the codes FREECOCO in the coupon code box before checkout

Tag us @stevespaleogoods on IG with pictures of your favorite dishes cooked in Coconut Oil.