Deliciously Clean Chicken

Chicken is as American as apple pie. A great choice for adults looking for lean protein and kids who are looking for fried nuggets, the average American eats 60 pounds of chicken annually. That’s up from just 16 pounds in 1950! Many sources claim Americans now eat more chicken than beef or pork, which is a change from decades past.

Chicken_Breast_72dpi_4294How a chicken has lived has a direct impact on meat quality, nutrition and taste. The chicken breasts in the Steve’s Line are sourced with Joyce Farms, a family-owned company committed to bringing educated consumers high-quality poultry since 1962. We have built an excellent relationship with Joyce Farms, and we are proud to pass this network onto you.

Our promise of purity comes before all else: no hormones, antibiotics, growth stimulants or animal by-products are ever used when growing our chicken. We refer to our birds as “Naked.” When you buy Steve’s you are getting chicken and nothing else.
From their birth to your table, our birds eat a pure vegetable diet, containing no animal byproducts or artificial ingredients. They drink only fresh water that is regularly tested for purity. Many of our customers don’t eat grain and corn, so we wanted to keep it out of the meat you eat. You can be certain Steve’s chickens are vegetarians, even if you are not.

Our chicken is raised with the highest standards, even higher than what is required in some organic programs. So when we say naked with nothing added ever, we mean just that.

Conscious consumers read packaging to make smart choices, but that’s not always enough. Knowing the name of the company who packages your chicken is first and knowing who has actually grown that chicken is second. Label claims are often just that, with little regulation on how meat can be presented.

Take “free-range” for instance. The phrase conjures up feelings of chicken freedom, with birds happily meandering about in the sunshine. In actuality, there’s no federally approved definition of “free-range,” so these label claims are reviewed on a case basis by the USDA. Companies are generally allowed to say free-range if chickens are permitted to go outdoors for at least some portion of the day, whether the chickens chose to or not. Like most animals, chickens will choose to stay close to their water and feed, usually in the chicken house.

According to the National Chicken Council, less than 1% of all chicken produced in America are technically free-range. Steve’s chickens are in that small percentage. They enjoy life free-ranging and have more space per animal than required by organic standard. There is no over-crowding and all-day access to exercise and clean feed. They live in low-stress, humane surroundings, and they mature comfortably and naturally. They are allowed to eat when they want, so they grow on their own time clocks.

Beware of other claims like “farm-raised.” All chicken raised in America spend their life on a farm, so that’s a moot point! Watch out for “natural” too. Under USDA regulations, a “natural” product has no artificial ingredients, coloring ingredients, or chemical preservatives and is minimally processed. Under that definition, natural describes most ready-to-cook chicken, and is just an easy way for a food company to try and instill trust in a consumer. Natural has no bearing on the way the chicken was raised.

Trust Steve’s to get your chicken from farm to fork responsibly, sustainably and deliciously. When you buy your chicken from us, not only has your bird had a good life, and you are helping to build the lives of others! 15% of Steve’s proceeds are donated to Steve’s Club National Program, a 501(c)3 non-profit providing fitness, nutrition and mentorship to at-risk youth nationwide. With each box you buy, you are helping America’s youth strengthen the connection between food, fitness and health.

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