Comfort Food Doesn’t Have to be Junk Food

Comfort food doesn’t have to be junk food.

Or full of sugar. Or carbs. It doesn’t even have to be Mac&Cheese. (Shocking, yes, but true!)

Comfort food is what comforts YOU … not your kids or your neighbor or your buddies. When times get rough (and we are smack dab in the middle of one of the roughest patches the world has seen lately), we try to find comfort in our routines and our food.

Well, our routines all got shot to heck this month. Social distancing is the right thing to do right now but it’s hard, too. We can’t go out and live life like we normally would. We’re all cooking at home a whole lot more and that can be a good thing.

But what if it isn’t such a good thing? Or what if it’s too much of a “good” thing? What if you’re not eating as healthy right now as you could be?

Then it’s time to take a look at how you are nourishing your body in this time of stress. Assess, analyze, improve if you can, but cut yourself some slack, too.

None of us has ever been through a pandemic before so we’re all kind of making this up as we go along. Be patient with yourself and be kind to you and everyone you know.

But, in the middle of that patience and kindness (and all that hand-washing), you might want to ask yourself two quick questions:

  • What food comforts you in times of stress?
  • Is there a healthier choice that you can make to answer the first question?

Now, I’m not asking you to be hard on yourself and eliminate everything that is helping you get through this difficult period. We are all doing the best we can. But, in the middle of thinking about your comfort foods, consider adding some new favorites to your list.

A few simple, healthier choices are the key to a healthier life. Give it a try! Think about how you can come out of isolation stronger and healthier than ever.

But I’m not coming for your Mac & Cheese I know some things are sacred. ?