A Full Life is a Life Shared …

When we were kids, sharing seemed like a burden, right?

“Share with your sister!”

“Share with your brother.”

“Share with that kid bugging you on the playground.”

Ugh. You got sick of it early in life, right? (Especially if you had a large family.) You grew up just wanting stuff of your own, a place of your own, a life of your own.

Then, as an adult in your little apartment or your big house with your loneliness bouncing like an echo off the walls, you realized the truth and the irony that life is BETTER when you share. That life feels richer, better, deeper, truer and more fun the more that you share. That life is not as fun when you keep all your thoughts, your help, and your love to yourself.

Think about it. Your best times and best memories happen with people, right? Those wonderful times might happen with your family, your friends, your workmates, your gym-mates, your neighbors – people you care about and who care about you. Together you build experiences and lives and love. That’s the good stuff in life.

Ever share a bar when you’re deadlifting, or do a group workout? The pain lessens, right? And the laughter increases. A personal record set alone is still a record but – wow – does it feel better when someone pats you on the back or hugs you so hard you think a rib might break. Simple high-fives can feel like heaven.

We are social creatures and left alone, we wither – but in a group with love, we are mighty. Whether it’s around the kitchen table with our family or sprawled on the couch with our buddies watching a game or playing catch with our kid in the park, the special moments come when we share our time and ourselves.

That’s part of the reason behind our new ShareBar Protein Bites. When you buy a ShareBar, we give one to a kid in need. Why? Because good nutrition is so important, and we’re always looking for ways to help not only you but also kids who need a hand and some guidance. And because we want to share the good stuff in life. Together, we can be so much stronger.

See, life is about more than just what you can get. Life is about what you can give. And when you share, you actually receive, but just in a different (and better) way. And being fulfilled is the best kind of full!