Product Name Change: Gut Power —> Gut Kulture

Announcement: We recently changed the name of our Gut Power shots and tonics to Gut Kulture!

Here’s the story: When we originally came up with the name Gut Power, we hired a gal to do a trademark search for us before filing for the mark. Nothing came up in the search so we applied for the trademark and got approved a few months later from the US Trademark office. A short time after we received approval that a lady reached out to us explaining that we were infringing on her trademark. She provided proof that she was using the name on a product which she was selling strictly online…which she started selling only one month before we got approval from the Trademark office.

So despite the fact that we had the official trademark she owned the rights to the name because she used the name in commerce before we did. Pretty stupid, right? The worst part of it all, we had to hire a trademark lawyer and pay him several thousand dollars only to find out that our best and most economical course of action was to surrender the name to avoid a very costly litigation in court. Let’s just say we learned a very valuable and expensive lesson from it from it all to say the least!

However, we are very excited about the new name Gut Kulture and hope you like it as much as we do!  According to the Urban Dictionary (Okay, we admit we are trying to be a little cool here!) the word “Kulture” is defined as: “The cultivation of bacteria in a medium containing nutrients. This describes the product just perfectly!  We also love the play on the letter “K” in Kulture as it aligns with the “K” in some of our other legacy products such as PaleoKrunch, PaleoKit, and Krauts.