Happy Father’s Day

Everyday is Father’s Day

There’s no substitute for face time (and I don’t mean the iPhone kind). Each night I power down between the hours of 5-9 to give my little Liberatis the attention they deserve. I could keep the 9-5 going 24-7, but I don’t want to miss a moment of these precious years.

My oldest Dominic is 6, and he lives to play baseball and hockey. These long summer days leave me weak as he begs for more time outside taking shots as I tend goal. We push off bath time and enjoy the weather together.

The head of the house is “GiGi.” Gianna is just 4 but totally in charge. I’m no match for her sweet smile and big blue eyes. She loves gymnastics and the beach, where we spend most of our weekend days. She loves jumping waves with me, and I plan on soaking that in until she’s too cool to bodysurf with her old man. I fear I’ll blink and GiGi will be a pre teen!

Leo is the last in the line-up. And in typical third child fashion, he tags along to all the activities of the older two without complaint. A very easy going, mild mannered soul, Leo is rarely without a smile. Watching the love he has for his brother and sister is truly incredible. As long as he has a bag of Dried Fruit in his lap (Blueberries are his fave), my guy doesn’t need much more.

And neither do I. I’m blessed with beautiful children, a rock star wife who keeps everything running and a wonderful profession that allows me to feed my family while feeding yours. Please send me your feedback at [email protected].

Thank you for allowing me to do what I love. Cause I really love what I do.

Happy Father’s Day!
– Steve