ShareBar Rave Reviews

We wanted honest feedback on our new ShareBar, so we recruited community members to eat free samples and talk about what they ate. (Reminder: each ShareBar has 13 grams of protein and 5 ingredients, including dates, egg whites, coconut, strawberries, vanilla extract, and live probiotic cultures.)

Here are some of the fantastic things they said!

“All I can say is WOW! These are amazing!! Real food, simple ingredients, complex and great flavor. All you can ask for and more in a protein bar!” – Kristi B.

“I did like the flavor and they didn’t taste like a typical ‘protein’ bar. A little sweet but not overly sweet.” – Laurel K.

“Nice soft, chewy texture, could definitely taste the dates. Filling without being overly ‘protein’ tasting.” – Michelle D.

“I will say they tasted good and kept me full until dinner. I liked them much better than similar bars I have tried because there was no weird like powdery taste or anything that tasted artificial.” – Meg L.

“These bars were fantastic! Texture and flavor were both excellent.” – Beth S.

 “I would definitely keep these on hand when they are available. I especially loved the texture because it made the bar feel like dessert. I would highly recommend. Thank you!” — Jaime Y.

“This is probably one of the best overall bars I’ve tried – decent macros, quality ingredients, good flavor and texture. I would purchase these for an occasional snack.” — Amanda S.

“12-year-old daughter loved the taste and said it was a good texture and would eat it again. 15-year-old son did not like either of them and said the flavor was weird, but texture was okay. My husband (who does lots of traveling) said the taste was good, a coconut flavor. The mouth feel and texture were good, almost like a soft tootsie roll. He would eat them all day long.” — Karina B.

“Good texture, good size, sweet treat, nice flavor, I’d definitely reorder this product again in the future.” — Sara B.

“I tried the strawberry vanilla bar and I thought it was good. I got more vanilla flavor than strawberry but that did not bother me. I liked the texture and it was easy to hold/eat. Plus knowing it is healthy made it even more enjoyable!” — Anna E.

“I loved the super soft texture. I didn’t find them too sweet, but just right. I also like the size per piece so you could have just one at a time. I will definitely be purchasing more of these as well as other Steve’s products.” — Sloane V.

“I have to say these were surprisingly delicious ! I purchase a local weekly meal plan that includes similar snack products but these were better … They weren’t too chewy (even after being in the fridge). They taste fruity and are filling and satisfying! You can taste the actual ingredients which is also something I find important. Nothing artificial!” — Amy G.

“Really liked the way they taste cold as well. A great healthy alternative for breakfast or on the go snacks.” — Jenn N.

“Thank you for the samples! Got them today and tried one right away and omg they are the best bars I think I’ve ever tried! To me, the texture and taste are like I was getting a fantastic treat, like a baked good and candy all in one.” — Jeanette B.

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