We Heart Hazelnutbutter

Chocolate Hazelnutbutter
Chocolate Hazelnutbutter

Oh yeah, we went there. You love eating Paleo, we love eating Paleo, but sometimes not eating Nutella can make you sad. That’s why we created our Paleo version of everyone’s favorite dessert spread: Paleo Chocolate Hazelnutbutter.

Grab a spoon and settle in. It could be a while. And while you are at it, check the deck. Our new Chocolate Hazelnut PaleoNutButter is as clean as it is delicious. The combination is simple: almonds, honey, hazelnuts, unsweetened dark chocolate, coconut oil and salt. Enjoy it on an apple, spread on a banana or straight from the jar. It’s a decadent treat that’s not a cheat.

Take a chance to win one jar this #TwoForTuesday!

Your purchase changes lives!  15% of our proceeds brings CrossFit, nutrition, nutritional guidance and mentorship to at-risk youth in cities around the country. 

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