Two for Tuesday: Our Flagship Product

Paleokit_AppleIt all started with a KIT and a KID. In 2007, our founder Steve was working for his father’s exterminating business, but his real passion was nutrition and fitness. After getting to know some young teens on his regular route, he was moved to invite them to workout with him in a local park. From the conditions they were living in, Steve knew their recreational options were limited and potentially dangerous.

Before long, Steve had a pack of kids he trained regularly with whatever equipment he could fit in the trunk of his car. A firm believer in paleo nutrition, Steve wanted to provide a nutritious lunch for his young athletes that they could eat at school. So he packaged beef jerky, nuts and berries to stay fresh in their backpack. And his flagship product the PaleoKit was born.

Knowing he had stumbled upon a solution for paleo dieters looking for hard-to-find portable lunch and snack options, Steve started selling his PaleoKits online. Seven years and 60 products later, athletes, outdoor enthusiasts and paleo people around the globe have made Steve’s PaleoGoods their favorite on-the-go clean eating options.

It is our pleasure to celebrate our roots this week by featuring our PaleoKit for Two for Tuesday! Please share this blog on your Facebook Wall by 10pm EST today and two lucky winners will get THREE Apple PaleoKits. Check back on our Facebook page Wednesday morning for winners.

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