Some Stix and Krunch!

Our favorite stix!
Our favorite stix!

Sometimes we’re just way too busy or pressed for time to sit down for a full meal or a snack and we need something to tide us over until dinner that is easy and portable. Our Stix and Krunch Bars have got you covered!

This #TwoForTuesday we’re bringing you a four-pack of our grass-fed Moist and Meaty PaleoStix and 1 Original Krunch Bar. They can be enjoyed together as a heartier snack or separately as a quick bite while on the go.

Infused with a hint of cranberry juice, our Moist and Meaty Beef Sticks are getting RAVE reviews from customers who find the original variety on the dry side. Now we are proud to offer both varieties! Our PaleoStix are made from 100% Grass-fed meat from start to finish, raised without antibiotics or added hormones. Naturally gluten-free, nitrate-free, MSG-free, and sugar-free, these are a flavored with our unique blend of spices – making them delicious, healthy, and easy to eat!

Our Original PaleoKrunch Bar is healthy, portable, and perfect! This gluten-free and grainless granola bar helps you stay Paleo any time, anywhere. It fits easily into your bag, purse, or carry-on…or in your kitchen cabinet! It’s tasty like a treat, but filled with healthy nutrition.

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