Kickin’ It Old School

Old school PaleoStix!
Old school PaleoStix!

You remember our OG meat sticks, right? The juiciest, meatiest, tastiest sticks on the market? Sadly, they went away for a while but now we have perfected our recipe and THEY ARE BACK. Our old school original, grass-fed, and grass-fed with spinach are now better than ever.

When we say ORIGINAL, we mean old school original. These PaleoStix are made with our very first recipe. You told us you loved it, you asked us to bring it back, and so we did! They have the meaty and delicious taste and texture you loved for years.

They are made by hand, smoked for hours in our very own smoke house and are packed full of protein. They are so unbelievably delicious that we are offering up one pack each of our grass-fed and original old school sticks to two lucky winners.

Take a chance this #TwoForTuesday!

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