So You’re Not So Serious About the CrossFit Games Open

In the CrossFit world, sometimes it can feel like if you don’t live and breathe the Open, you might as well be spitting on Santa. What kind of a monster are you?

But that’s not really how it is. See, you can do the Open and not be so serious about it. That’s allowed. It’s cool if you want to tie on a neon headband and breathe fire, but it’s also cool if you don’t.

So if you’re in a more mellow state of mind, it’s okay to relax and take a breath. You’re going to get a good workout and have fun during the Open workouts, no matter which level of intensity you bring to the workout floor.

CrossFit has always been a big tent, but we sometimes forget that when the countdown timer is running and the music is super-loud. But, in the midst of all the hoopla, remember that you can do the Open at full throttle, half-throttle, or barely at idle.

So, here are three things to remember as you move your not-so-serious self through the Open:

1) It’s Okay to Not Go at Breakneck Pace

Sure, you want to go hard. Sure, you want to give full effort. But if you don’t have a main goal of advancing in the competition, you might want to consider the toll these workouts can have on your body, and scale or modify accordingly. (You should always scale or modify your workouts for you, but that’s easy to forget when the giant competitive light is switched on.)

But what we mean here, for example, is that if you have a shoulder issue, maybe you skip the workout with snatches, or you use a light weight so you don’t aggravate an existing injury. Be smart and don’t hurt yourself as you try to improve yourself.

2) Nutrition and Sleep Are Still Important

Whether you’re a super-competitive athlete or not, nutrition and sleep are critical. Eating clean is important whether you’re trying to advance in an athletic competition or just get fitter and happier. Eat right and keep your kitchen stocked with Steve’s Chicken Breasts and Paleo Protein Bars so you’re not tempted to eat quick, easy junk.

And getting enough rest is a major recovery aspect for everyone who is breathing, not just competitive athletes. So, do it. Take care of your body!

3) Don’t Let Fun Be Your Only Rule

Just because you’re not looking to stand on a podium doesn’t mean you get to slack off. This is still CrossFit and this is still the Open!

Show up prepared and ready to do major work, to put in tons of effort, and to reach past your breaking point and keep going. As someone once said, “You have signed up for something whose mascot is a vomiting clown. What made you think this would be pleasant?”

So, you’re not serious about the Open but you are serious about your fitness. It’s time to lace up your sneakers, chalk your hands, adjust that headband, and let’s go!




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