Introducing Steve’s Steaks, Chicken and Salmon

At Steve’s PaleoGoods, we believe in excellence from FARM to TABLE. We have built relationships with the best ranchers in the world to source grass-fed pasture-raised beef for our jerky and are excited to share our network with you as we introduce Steve’s: a complete line of grass-fed beef, grass-fed steaks, ABF chicken and sustainably sourced salmon.

Staying true to responsible practices, Steve’s will never ever be treated with antibiotics, added growth hormones or GMOs. Each product is flash frozen to lock in freshness and delivered to your doorstep in a styrofoam cooler.

Beef-Tenderloin-Steak-CC-Chain-Off-Cooked1Steve’s 100% grass-fed beef is rich in healthy Omega-3s and high in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which is linked to prevention of cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Sourced from Silver Fern Farms, a collective of New Zealand Farmers, Steve’s pasture-raised beef has never been administered antibiotics or growth hormones. Raised on green pastures in one of the purest lands in the world, our cattle are naturally lean. Our cuts come from the best-tasting parts of the animal, which means they are consistently tender and delicious.

Chicken_Breast_72dpi_4294Steve’s Chicken is considered “naked” because the promise of purity comes before all else: no hormones, antibiotics, growth stimulants or animal by-products. Steve’s chicken is free ranging, slow growing and sourced exclusively with the Joyce Farms network, a collection of family farmers who unite in their commitment to traditional small-scale farming practices. There is no over-crowding and all-day access to exercise and clean feed.

Salmon-9724-1200x800We source our salmon from Bakkafrost, a company dedicated to cherishing the environment. Raised in the open waters of the North Atlantic Ocean just between Iceland and Scotland, this moist and flavorful fish has never been treated with antibiotics or hormones. Steve’s Salmon is raised in the open sea with excellent biological conditions like continuous flow of fresh waters, stable temperatures, low stocking and high-quality feed.

We believe that healthy environments produce healthy food. Trust Steve’s to get your meat from farm to fork and your salmon from sea to supper responsibly, sustainably and deliciously. Check the new Steve’s offerings today!

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