How the ShareBar Came to Be


What do you do when you try all the protein bars but you still can’t find exactly what you want to eat? 

If you’re Steve Liberati of Steve’s PaleoGoods, the answer is simple: you make your own. 

And that’s exactly how ShareBars came into existence – Steve and his crew in Camden, New Jersey got to work on creating a moist, delicious, flavorful protein bar. Because Steve believes in only using real food to make real food, the ingredients had to be simple and good for you. No fillers, no gluten, no grains, no refined sugar, no “natural flavors.” Just real food to make real food. 

So they started working with blueberries and strawberries and coconut and dates and egg whites. And then they added a magic ingredient: a purpose. 

For every ShareBar a customer buys, Steve’s PaleoGoods, gives one away to a child in need.  

One for one. When you buy a plastic container of Blueberry Chocolate-Covered Protein Bites, Steve’s gives a container of those bites also to a child in need. When you buy a box of individually-wrapped Strawberry Vanilla ShareBars, Steve’s donates a box to kids who need them. The more you buy, the more kids get healthy snacks.  

“There’s a lot of food insecurity in our nation, particularly among kids,” says Steve, “And that just doesn’t feel right. I see these kids in the gyms – we run a national non-profit called Steve’s Clubs, to help underprivileged kids work out and learn about healthy food and community instead of losing them to the streets and the gangs – and they need good food to eat. So I thought if we could share the way we eat with these kids, maybe we can do even more good. Maybe we can give them good food they want to eat. That’s how the concept of the ShareBar was born.” 

With a great purpose and a taste experience that rewards the consumer with freshness and the taste of real fruit, the six varieties of ShareBars have proven to be a big hit with Paleo folks, gym-goers, moms looking to pack healthy snacks for their kids, and the kids in needs that get bars shared with them. It’s a win all around. 

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