Holiday Paleo Lunch

“Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is the progress. Working together is success.” –Henry Ford 

PaleoOffice Crew

The team at Steve’s PaleoGoods that handcrafts all of your favorite on-the-go paleo snacks is small, but it’s mighty. Some have been with here since day one, others have joined the crew along the way, but we all have a rich history together. I am proud that 100% of our group is committed to a healthy lifestyle and our mission of helping at-risk youth through Steve’s Club National Program. It’s a difference I can feel everyday as I walk through our kitchens, and I hope it’s one you can taste.

Today is our annual holiday luncheon at Steve’s PaleoGoods. We come together for a few hours over a delicious freshly prepped meal of REAL FOOD (and maybe just a few bite sized treats.) The laughter is high and the plates are heavy. Food is our passion, and celebrating our work family over paleo deliciousness seems fitting as we enter the height of the holiday season. I sincerely appreciate their efforts–not just today, but everyday, as this team in the GOOD in your PaleoGoods. Without them, “Steve” is simply paleo.

Production Posse
There are no machines at SPG, but this team sure does operate like one. Finely tuned and on a mission to craft the most delicious convenience snacks on the planet, on any given day there’s 30 people carefully baking, hand carving, meticulously mixing, slow roasting and carefully wrapping your PaleoGoods. They love our paleo snacks as much as you do, and are relentlessly committed to getting them right. Everyone is borderline obsessed with quality control, and each batch gets tasted before it’s packed up and sent to you. I applaud their diligence. Their attention to detail is second to none.

Packing Party
“Packed with paleo love” is lovingly emblazoned on the table in our packing production area. Each weekday morning orders are printed out and prepped for packing and printed again at 2pm for an early afternoon pick up. Saying our packing team is full of personality would be an understatement. This Fab Five work together, helping each other while diligently checking each invoice to ensure the contents of every box are correct. They need no help lifting heavy boxes as they are all familiar with a barbell and can nearly deadlift double body weight. They especially enjoy sneaking extra goodies into boxes, tucking in personal notes letting you know just how much they appreciate your order. And today, I’d like to show my appreciation for THEM.

If I called them a corporate team they’d laugh out loud and so would I. Our office team is ten deep and includes bookkeepers, communicators, sales guys, paleo problem solvers, analysts and advocates for Steve’s Club National Program. At first glance they appear to be a staff of CrossFit trainers, donned in their Lululemon Athletica while rolling on lacrosse balls during our team meetings. Stand up desks and stability ball chairs are the norm not the exception in this crew. Their ability to turn on a dime and execute quickly will always amaze me. My favorite part of each day is bringing fresh PaleoGoods for them to sample for feedback. Nothing says I appreciate your like hot jerky fresh from the oven. It’s like a mini treat of steak in the middle of the workday!

As I reflect on the words of Henry Ford above, I’m feeling very lucky to have a dedicated work family committed to creating each PaleoGood with excellence and hand crafted care. We came together eight years ago to provide a healthy on-the-go option. We kept together as we progressed, growing the company while delivering 15% of the proceeds to 30 Steve’s Clubs around the country. We will continue to work together to redefine our success, innovating more products that allows you to eat better as you enjoy your busy day to day life.

Today I calm down the busy workers on my team to say thanks. And a huge thanks to you for giving us all something meaningful, satisfying and delicious to do each and every day. Let’s eat!

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