Hand Made Versus Machine Made

SPG-EXTRUSION-IGBillions and Billions Served is a popular slogan for the world’s BIGGEST fast food chain, but we will never say that at Steve’s PaleoGoods. It’s the mission of most in this world to do more, sell more, make more and take more. But my vision is a bit SMALLER.

In order for companies to churn out thousands of food products a day, concessions must be made in quality and production. Mass production requires automation, which compromises ingredient integrity. Checking the deck of ingredients only tells half of the story. In order for food to be as close to what nature intended, ingredients must be left in their natural state.

We make, cut, mix and bake by hand at Steve’s PaleoGoods. There are no conveyor belts, assembly lines or machines to replace people power. We cut and weigh each bar, we bag our cereal by hand, and we trim, spice and roast our jerky in much the same way our ancestors did. Authentically.

Many bars on the market today are processed to the highest degree. Doesn’t matter what kind, it could be meat, granola, protein or power. Even when you find one with a clean ingredient deck, learn about how it’s been made. Chances are the ingredients have been pulverized, pressurized and stamped into a formed shape.

Large scale machines called vacuum extruders are scary. They pulverize nutrient-dense ingredients, load the resulting batter into a vacuum and suck all the air out of it. The result is a complete restructure of the ingredients. This method is about is about making more at a cheaper price, but at what trade off?

After extrusion, the pulverized product heads into the oven, then onto a conveyor belt and finally lands in a wrapper. The human touch is gone. Thousands of units can be prepared in one day with just a few people to run the machine show. It’s an orchestra of big business, and in my mind, hardly Paleo.

Our crew runs 25+ deep at Steve’s PaleoGoods. The human touch goes into everything we produce, and we mean it when we say “made by hand.” There are infinite checks and balances to ensure quality.

As with all things handmade, there will be imperfections in shape. We don’t pulverize and vacuum our ingredients, so in the warmer months, they might be crumbly. Some will weigh a few ounces more (never ever less, we weigh every one). But above all else, your PaleoGoods arrive at your door as close to their natural state as they can possibly be.

I never got in this to make a billion–bars or dollars. I just wanted to live a life I love helping people stay true to a Paleo lifestyle. It’s not work when you love what you do. As always, I thank you for helping me nourish my family and yours with the most delicious and authentic  Paleo products in the world.


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