Earn — Don’t Just Yearn

Pop Quiz: Pick ONE answer.

Life owes you:

  1. Everything
  2. Something
  3. Nothing

You know you should pick #3 but you really want to pick #2, don’t you?

You work hard, you play hard, and nobody in your family ever caught a break, right? It’s been a tough world from the moment you were drop-kicked into this life, hustling and fighting to get what is yours, to protect what is yours. People should give you something, right? Some pay-off for all your hard work?

Nope. That’s not how life works.

If you expect something, you’re going to be waiting a long time on the street corner with your hand out. Or sitting on your couch, waiting for life to knock on your front door with a great job, a strong body, and all the friends you could ever want.

Instead, life actually responds when you’re so busy working that you don’t have time to listen for the knock on the door. That knock might come while you’re at work anyhow.

Because success comes to people who are out there earning their success, not just yearning for it.

  • Success arrives in a pool of sweat and a tired mind.
  • Success shows up when you have stopped expecting it.
  • Success arrives after you’ve almost given up on the concept.

That’s the secret to success: You work because the hard work feels good. The hard work feels right. The hard work is your habit, and it drives you.

Then what happens?

Knock. Knock. Guess who’s at the door now? Yup. Open up. It’s success.

The sad thing is so many good people in this world ruined their futures by thinking like this: “Life owes me something. People owe me something. I’m getting cheated.” They sat around waiting and getting more pissed by the minute because nothing was being delivered. Then they drowned in their own misery.

But think about what could have happened if they thought this: No one owes you nothing. Life is what you make it.

Think of the power inherent in that attitude. You’re not waiting on anyone or anything else to GIVE you something. You get to determine your own destiny, how high you fly, and how much success you earn.


Not somebody else. You’re not waiting. You’re out there earning what you want. Like Bruce Springsteen sang long ago: “You want it. You take it. You pay the price.”

Nobody owes you anything. That’s the good news. Because now you get to earn your life and you success. And that’s going to taste a thousand times better than any old hand-out ever could.

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