Can You Pass the 25-Second Fridge Test?

Quick—go to your fridge!

  1. Open the door.
  2. Look at the food.
  3. Name 5 healthy meals you can make from only the food in there.
  4. Come back here to read.

Did you have 5 distinct, healthy meals—and you can’t answer “eggs” for four of them. (We know your tricks!)

If you have the ingredients for 5 healthy meals in your fridge right now, rejoice! You have prepared, and this is half the battle for eating clean and performing well in life. (The other half is execution.) But if you don’t have the ingredients for 5 healthy meals in your fridge right now, we need to talk.

Why? Because we want you to:

  • Eat clean
  • Live a healthy life
  • Kick ass in the gym

See, we dig having healthy people in this world. We wouldn’t have started a Paleo food company or a nationwide program for kids (Steve’s Clubs) if we weren’t enthusiastic about people eating right and throwing down in workouts. If you need ideas for how to not get yourself in the Predicament of the Empty Fridge (it sounds like a kid’s mystery novel), then we’re here to help. Allow us to make a few suggestions:

1) Get Your Free Recipes Here

Sure, it’s our site so we recommend our recipes, but you know what? THEY’RE DELICIOUS. That’s why we offer them every week for free on our website. Try the Bacon and Egg Fried Cauliflower Rice or the Steak Fajita Salad with Avocado Mayo Dressing. You’ll be blown away by the flavor.

Pair Salmon Cakes with Zucchini Skewers. Add some Vanilla Nut Apple Crisp for dessert!

2.) Order Sauces Here

We make ’em so we know what goes into them – clean, healthy ingredients. You can see, too: click the “Ingredients” tab on any product page and you get the ingredients plainly listed. Easy peasy.

The great thing about having these sauces in your cupboard and fridge is that all you need is a piece of meat on the grill and you’re halfway to a delicious, healthy meal. Steam some veggies and you’re rocking the Paleo wagon.


3.) Shop at Your Local Farmers Markets

Sure, we’d love for you to buy everything from us, but we’re not in the vegetable business. The good news? Your local farmers are!

In springtime, farmers markets re-open in Northern California and all over the South. (Some locations are really lucky and have farmers markets year-round.) Farmers markets often start up in cooler climates too as summer rolls around.

Take your kids and go roam a farmers market. Buy super-fresh produce and get to know the people who grow it for you. Ask them how they like to cook their veggies and prepare their fruit. You’ll learn some surprising tricks!

Follow these three tips for the next few months. Re-test yourself frequently on the 25-Second Fridge Test. Being prepared is half the battle, so arm yourself with good, healthy food so you can open the fridge and win the clean eating battle every time! 

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