20% off Java and Bourbon PaleoJerky

We make the world's best jerky.
We make the world’s best jerky.

Steve is crazy passionate about meat. He is forever in the test kitchen developing new flavors to delight customers. We add these creations to our special limited edition line of products called: STEVE’S SELECTS. Today and tomorrow only, while supplies last, Java PaleoJerky and Bourbon PaleoJerky will be 20% off when you use code PRO20 at checkout.

You will taste a subtle hint of coffee and maple syrup in our Java Jerky, with just enough sweetness, flavor and spice to make this the perfect mid-day snack. Bourbon Jerky features the smooth taste of of barrel-aged bourbon for a unique flavor profile sure to please. Never had bourbon before? Well, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!

The smokehouse at Steve’s PaleoGoods is completely run on people power. Handcrafting true artisan jerky takes three days from start to finish. There’s a team of four who trim, slice, season, cure and roast our dozen varieties of jerky. Fresh from the oven, they sample every batch, looking for succulent jerky that’s spiced just right. Making jerky is an art, and we do it beautifully.

The process starts with free-range beef raised with no antibiotics, no added hormones, no nitrates, no MSG, no soy, no gluten and no added sugar. We only use whole muscle cuts of sirloin that we slice, mix and turn by hand. Time is the not-so-secret curing ingredient that gives us the most flavorful, succulent jerky on the market.

Naturally curing our meat adds to the flavor and eliminates chemicals and automated tumbling. After the curing process, the roast begins slow and low. The temperature gradually increases for hours. Roasting jerky at high heat cuts costly time from the process, but that’s not an option at Steve’s PaleoGoods.

Don’t wait, the sale is only good while supplies last! To get your 20% off on Java Jerky and sagittarius man dating gemini woman, use code PRO20 at checkout.

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