March Journeyman of the Month, Peter Egyed

Name: Peter Egyed

Affiliate/Location: CrossFit Fury, Goodyear Arizona

What is your favorite Steve’s Original product? All of the products rock but I especially like the Grass Fed Paleo Kit

What are some of your notable achievements (CrossFit, athletic background, or even non-athletic)? 
CrossFit Games 2007 placed 10th, CrossFit Games 2008 placed 21st, Great Basin Regional’s 2009 placed 11th, Online Qualifiers 2009 placed 1st, CrossFit Games 2009 placed 6th, South West Regional’s 2010 placed 1st. CrossFit Games 2010 paced 10th

What is your overall approach to fitness, nutrition, health, etc.?
The effectiveness of my nutrition, workout programming, and recover is critical to me and that determines what I keep in my routine and what I don’t. To keep myself competitive my training is very demanding and I need the best nutrition possible to fuel that training.

What are your current fitness and/or nutrition goals?
My current goals are to continue being a competitor of the “worlds fittest” and to one day hold that title.
How do Steve’s Original products help you in your fitness/nutrition lifestyle?
Steve’s Original Grass Fed Paleo Kit provides a ready packed meal from a quality source. Often when a convenient meal is needed, the quality of food is poor which translates into poorer performances. Whether its first thing in the morning, re-fueling after a WOD or simply a handy snack, nothing beats a Paleo Kit!

Do you have a memorable PaleoKit/Steve’s Original moment?
My first every Paleo Kit was at the Great Basin Regional’s in 2009 and after a devastating WOD that left me incapacitated for nearly an hour, a Paleo Kit was my first form of sustenance and it was amazing. From that moment on I was hooked!

Your Journey (whatever journey you want to talk about, relating to fitness or nutrition or anything):
After over two years of drug use and nearly a year in jail I began looking for something different. Quickly I found exercise had the affect I needed to steer my life in the right direction. In Jan of 2007 I found CrossFit and six months later competed at the first annual CrossFit Games. From there my Journey has led me to a college degree, opening my own CrossFit affiliate and competing in every CrossFit Games. With honor and pride I lay claim to being able to compete with the fittest people in the world and this Journey is only getting started.

Your Favorite Quote/Words of Wisdom/Motto:  Breathe Later…

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