Great Paleo Appetizers for Football Season

paleo appetizers

Whether you invite a handful of good friends over to have some wine and support your favorite college team, or if your whole neighborhood looks forward to your wild football parties, appetizers are a key part of the event. If they’re non-existent or mediocre, everyone is going to notice. Let’s prevent that with some awesome Paleo appetizers that are sure to be a hit with hardcore fitness people and football fans.

Bacon Wrapped Avocado Fries

paleo saucesThis ingenious appetizer has three major things going for it: Bacon, avocado, and a resemblance to America’s favorite side dish, French fries. Plus, both bacon and avocado are known as high-protein superfoods, and protein is known to boost feelings of well-being. This is simple, Paleo-friendly, and can easily be dipped in Paleo sauces like Ginger Cilantro or Extra Hot Wing Sauce.

Keto Paleo Tuna Taquitos

Made with gluten-free Paleo Wraps and topped with fresh guacamole or salsa, Keto Paleo Tuna Taquitos are an easy, healthy appetizer that will be popular at any party. This recipe from the Julian Bakery flavors them with garlic, Himalyan salt, lime, and pepper, but taquitos can be easily customized to be spicy, vegetarian, or whatever you want. Consider cutting these from taquito size to bite size to make them go further at a party.

Sweet Potato Fritters with Maple Syrup

Especially appropriate for hosting morning college football games at your house, sweet potato fritters use all Paleo ingredients to create a nutritious pastry that would fit in at any donut shop. Made with pumpkin spice, eggs, sweet potatoes, coconut oil, and almond flour, you’ll surprise a lot of people when they find out these are grain and dairy free.

Prosciutto and Mint Wrapped Melon

This unique recipe mixes sweet and salty flavors while involving very little preparation. Feel free to use cantaloupe, watermelon, or honey dew, and wrap each with a slice of Paleo-friendly Prosciutto and a mint leaf. A lot of lunch meats have preservatives, so ensure the prosciutto is natural to keep everything Paleo-style.

PALEOCHEF’s Buffalo Chicken Sushi Roll

paleo hot sauce From the recipe files of Steve’s Paleo Goods, these Buffalo Chicken Sushi Rolls combine the Asian allure of sushi with the spicy kick of buffalo wings. Light, creative, and nutritious, the sushi roll mitigates the messiness of buffalo wings making them a clean and easy appetizer. To make Buffalo Chicken Sushi Rolls you’ll need a sheet of Nori Japanese Seaweed, cilantro, peppers, cucumber, and of course, chicken with PALEOCHEF’s Buffalo Wing Sauce.


Football Season is for Everyone

You certainly don’t have to have a tradition of playing or watching football to appreciate the social aspects of football season. While the favorite local teams will win and lose, the best memories will be forged from the phenomenal food, great drinks, and fun times with friends. People tend to remember really interesting appetizers, and with these Paleo-friendly recipes, yours will be healthy and simple.

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