Creative Ways to Cook Chicken on Paleo

paleo chicken recipes

With more species of chicken in the world than any other bird, nearly every single culture has their own interpretations of how chicken should be cooked. For adventurous Paleo people, this means that there are no limits to the variety of interesting variations of chicken that we can incorporate into our diets. Whether you know it as pollo, toriniku, poulet, or some other name, chicken is a favorite for good reason, and these interesting recipes will rekindle your love of the world’s favorite bird.

Paleo Chicken Tajine with Apricots

The typically underrated fruit known as the apricot is popular among Paleo people, especially as a dried fruit and in certain recipes. Among these is the Paleo version of a Moroccan delicacy, Paleo Chicken Tajine with Apricots. Often served with dates and almonds as well, Tajine essentially translates to Moroccan stew. The Paleo version skips the butter typically used in the entrée, but includes all of the various spices, including cumin, coriander, and turmeric. Aside from the distinct combinations of spices, a unique trait of Moroccan cuisine is that it often uses dried fruit.

Paleo Chicken Provencal with Olive Tapenade

One of the French recipes that does not involve heavy cream, Chicken Provencal uses a combination of artichokes, rosemary, and a black olive tapenade. If you’re unfamiliar with tapenade, think ground up olives, herbs, and capers combined to form a light but extremely flavorful and spreadable topping. If you’re a fan of olives and want a light and healthy chicken recipe that abides by Paleo standards, then Paleo Chicken Provencal with Olive Tapenade is a phenomenal choice.

Paleo Brazilian Curry Chicken

Curry has seen a rise in popularity in recent years, and numerous cultures have their own versions of how to prepare it. While India and Thai cuisines are most often associated with curry, Brazil’s version includes ginger, tomato, onions, and other ingredients that are ideal with chicken, all combined in a crockpot for about 4-6 hours.

Sweet Potato Buffalo Chicken Casserole

Casseroles refer to both the large, often rectangular dish that holds the ingredients, as well as the finished product that comes out of the oven, but are best known for combining any foods you love into a nutritious mix that reminds most people of grandma’s house. However, it’s a safe bet that your grandma never cooked this kind of casserole, a spicy mix of buffalo chicken and sweet potatoes that features bacon, garlic, hot sauce, and ghee, which is a staple for every Paleo kitchen.

The Most Plentiful Meat on the Planet

High in protein and the mood-boosting amino acid tryptophan, chicken is the quintessential Paleo superfood. Luckily, it’s found everywhere throughout the world, and can be baked, grilled, roasted, stuffed with tapenade, sauced, or thrown in a crock pot. Exploring the culinary Paleo-friendly options of chicken is not only a good way to eat healthy, but will introduce you to an enormous array of cultural interpretations of one of the world’s favorite ingredients.

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