Solutions Not Resolutions

New Year’s Day is the perfect time to start fresh. Year after year the date changes, but resolution themes stay the same. Eating healthy and exercising is at the top of the list. Other popular resolutions include: ditching bad habits, volunteering more, getting organized, saving money and learning new things.
At Steve’s PaleoGoods, we believe that people can only attain what they can maintain. Anyone can make a change for a day, a week or even a month, but facing February 1st with January 1st dedication takes a plan. The key to reaching health and fitness goals is finding solutions for the  resolutions.
It’s easy to commit to a Paleo lifestyle until it’s not. You’re in an airport with hunger flying high and all options are in sandwich form. That Saturday night party buffett is a conga line of puffy, sugary, cheesy food. It’s always someone’s birthday, which means cake. Happy hour turned happy evening and you’re feeling anything but happy. You missed crunching your cereal-pretzels-chips and you just couldn’t resist.
Preparation is the key to most things in life. For almost a decade, Steve’s PaleoGoods has built a foundation on helping people stay Paleo while on-the-go. We believe in eating real food made from quality ingredients as close to their natural state as possible.
When treating yourself outside of the norm is part of the plan, GO FOR IT! But when hunger strikes and options are limited, we want to be part of your solution. Don’t fall off of the resolution wagon and think, “that totally wasn’t worth it.” We don’t believe in ditching what you love, but we do believe in traveling with options.
It can be as simple as keeping a PaleoKit and some PaleoStix in your gym bag, or tucking a Berky in your clutch on the way to a party. If you’re armed withDried Fruit and PaleoKrunch, you’ll be less tempted to snack on puffy, sugary, cheesy processed food. And if you stock your fridge and pantry with fresh quality ingredients, our PaleoChef sauces can help you make every meal Paleo with ease.
Thank you for making us your trusted on-the-go Paleo solution. We are proud to help you make a promise this New Year that will last a lifetime. This year, resolve to ditch your resolution for a permanent solution!

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