PaleoGoods in the Field

We received this email and couldn’t wait to share it! Christa has taken her PaleoGoods with her as she volunteers in disaster recovery. We are honored to be able to help make life easier for our customers, who are doing great things!

“Thank you so much for your Paleo Kits!  I volunteer with a few non-for-profit agencies, one being Team Rubicon ( – TR takes military veterans and first responders in to disaster zones to volunteer to help communities between the time of the initial event and the long term recovery phase.  We are all about transforming communities affected by disaster while also transforming our own lives.  

Being a primarily military based organization we get a lot of MRE’s donated as our field meals.  Knowing how the MRE can affect my digestive system (plus the taste isn’t all that great) I brought along with me my Steve’s Paleo Kits and some Stix.  WOW not only did I enjoy them as usual but so did everyone around who kept tasting them.  

I’m sure you’ll gain some new customers after our long deployment in Moore OK. Thank you!”

Christa López

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