From “Rock Bottom” back to Health: Ben’s Journey

Ben, a Steve’s Original PaleoGoods customer, has gone through an amazing transformation thanks to a change in diet, CrossFit, and a little help from us at Steve’s Original. He shared his story with us, and gave us permission to share it with you! Here’s what Ben had to say about his journey:

I woke up New Years day 2011 after going through a really rough patch in my life. I was totally disgusted with myself. I was not healthy, I was extremely overweight, I wasn’t eating right and hadn’t exercised in years – and I was working long, truly bad hours.

I was 332 lbs and I had to hold my breath just to bend over to tie my shoes. I wore a 50 regular for a suit and was a 40 waist for my pants. I traded in my XL t-shirts for XXL and XXXL and my neck size was an 18 1/2. Not good at all.

So I decided that I had hit rock bottom – and I needed to do something.

A bunch of friends of mine in the tactical community (did I mention that I’m a police officer?) were always talking about “Paleo” and Crossfit, so I jumped on the computer and started looking around. I came across Mark’s Daily Apple and started to read. Everything totally made sense. I started my journey right then and there.

I went into my kitchen and cleaned house. Got rid of everything bad and boxed it up for charity. Over the next few weeks, I read more and more about the “Paleo” and “Primal” lifestyles.

After 3 months – on March 14th, to be precise – and losing around 30 lbs, I was ready to start at Crossfit WestChester (my new home). Now, I have to say – I have had my ups and downs with exercise and weight over the years. I began studying martial arts at the age of 5 – I’m now 38 – and I was a swimmer in high school, at which point I was around 200lbs with 8.5% body fat. But other than that and the police academy, I had never “worked out” – and had never lifted weights, ever. This was an eye opener for me. I did my On-Ramp and found that I was much weaker than I thought and had little to no
flexibilty. I could only back squat 125lbs – and couldn’t even get to parallel!

As I continued to get to know people in my box, I heard the stories people would share. Somebody turned me on to Steve’s Original. I went on the site and ordered a sampler pack. I was hooked. (I always had a sweet tooth, and was looking for something to help me settle my cravings as I continued on my journey). You guys and your products have saved me on more than one occasion, especially when I can’t cook and need a quick meal on-the-go.

In all, I’ve lost 121 lbs and gone from 54% body fat to 21% body fat. I would like to thank you guys at Steve’s Original and Chris Guerrero and the crew at Crossfit Westchester!

Our note: We absolutely live for these types of testimonials. We are proud to have played a part in fueling Ben’s Journey, and are so grateful he shared it with us!

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