5 Things to Keep in Mind About Your Metabolism.

People love to talk about (and blame) metabolism for many things.

  • “He can eat anything. He’s got a fast metabolism.”
  • “My metabolism is so slow. I LOOK at food and gain weight!”

But is it true? Are we ruled (and thereby destined) by our metabolism?

Much of what you see in the media would make you think so. We view ads and read magazine headlines that scream about ways and products that can help you “boost your metabolism.”

But can you? And do you want to? And what are the real facts about metabolism? I found it a bit confusing for most people, so I wanted to break all the hype down into five things to keep in mind about metabolism:
       1. Metabolism varies from person to person.

This is the part that we know to be true. We all may have the same physiology as humans but we don’t have the same exact bodies and metabolisms. What I eat will affect me differently than what you eat. Also, aging affects metabolism. There are many different causal factors involved,

      2. You can affect your metabolism a bit.

Lift weights? You build more muscle. This affects your metabolism, but not as much as some fitness and supplement companies would have you believe. Along with sleep and diet, your daily movement can affect your metabolism, so get your sleep, eat clean, and move.

     3. Diets can wreck your metabolism.

Starving yourself is one of the worst things you can do for your body. Not only does it make you miserable but the long-term effects of dieting are only starting to be known on our metabolisms, including that each diet might slow your metabolism permanently.

Dieting is a short-term solution that can cause long-term problems. Think of dieting like a payday loan. Sure, it feels good but the vig might set you even further back.

     4. If you have lost weight and you want to keep it off, don’t obsess about your metabolism.

Instead, concentrate on these things: Monitor yourself (weigh or measure), exercise regularly, watch what you eat. There’s nothing new on this list, but it helps to be reminded: the old advice is good advice

     5. Remember: there is no silver bullet.

Moderation and good, steady habits are the best for your health. If someone promises you a miracle drug or cure, don’t rush to believe them. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is your body. Eat clean, get moving, and sleep. Good things will come.

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