What Should I Eat?

The following blog post was guest written by our friend Erin Kelly, co-owner of CrossFit 1 Force.

As CrossFit Affiliate owners, we hear this question at least ten times a week. Many of us answer the same way. Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, little fruit, some starch and no sugar.  We talk about REAL FOOD. We encourage members to meal-prep, recipe swap and plan ahead. Make it and take it. More often than not, the conversation ends up where it started.

“So… What should I eat?”

No one can out train a bad diet. Preparation is key. Mass cooking balanced meals and traveling with plastic containers is how most of us survive. Eating a rotisserie chicken in the grocery store parking lot sans utensils? Most of us have done that too. While it’s not the worst on-the-go-paleo, we are proud to offer another option at CrossFit 1Force.  We have a Steve’s PaleoGoods WALL in the lobby of our box. It’s been there for six months and the response has been overwhelming. We sell well over 250 pieces a month. Our members love Steve’s PaleoGoods, and our biggest sellers are PaleoStix, PaleoKits and PaleoKrunch. Offering Steve’s PaleoGoods allows our members to make better choices while on the go, and for that, we are thankful. 


Eating is an experience. We believe food should taste good and make you feel good too. Our members rave over faves like Apple PaleoKits and Maple Bacon PaleoKrunch cereal. Clean, delicious Paleo options that stay fresh in a gym bag or backpack are hard to come by. Steve’s PaleoGoods are great for balance when traveling or on-the-go.

As a CrossFit Affiliate, we enjoy wholesale pricing and are able to pass the products onto our members at a price they can afford while making a nice return for the box. The wall looks impressive with enticing packaging and convenient display boxes. But what’s most satisfying about carrying Steve’s PaleoGoods is delighting our members. “Are you sure this is Paleo?” as a member devours a Krunch bar is a question I’ll never tire of answering.  

Our box is about ten miles away from Camden, NJ, often described as one of the most dangerous cities in the country. Camden is home to Steve’s Club, a national nonprofit dedicated to getting young kids excited about health, fitness and positive choices. Steve has a passion for training at-risk youth, and what started as a few kids in an outdoor park has grown into a national movement with 20+ Local Clubs! Knowing that 15% of all the sales from Steve’s PaleoGoods help bring a brighter tomorrow to local children in need makes carrying these products even more of a reward.

If you find yourself often listing possible paleo options to new and veteran members alike, why not offer them a convenient go to? As my members stand in front of our display brooding over all the delicious choices, their dilemma becomes one of MORE options, not less! I often stand in that same spot, debating over the yummy selections asking myself that popular paleo question.

“What should I eat?”

For more information on Steve’s PaleoGoods and Steve’s Club National Program, please visit www.StevesPaleoGoods.com and www.StevesClub.org.

Erin Kelly is cofounder of CrossFit 1Force in West Deptford, NJ. Just three years young, 1Force is a
community of 300 athletes. It’s her mission to bring CrossFit to people who think athletic days have long
passed while helping experienced members reach their goals. Erin believes prioritizing fitness is a
balancing act, but it CAN and must be done. She loves a chipper—especially if it includes hang cleaning
and box jumping. The pull up rig is her nemesis, and the overhead squat is her favorite lift. Erin cherishes
each moment raising three beastie boys and one gymnast girl with her partner Jesse Crespo. These littles
are often seen at the box, cheering members through WODs, jumping in met cons and swiping Steve’s
PaleoGoods off of the shelves.

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