Paleo Thanksgiving Desserts

paleo thanksgiving desserts

Desserts on Thanksgiving have a different culinary theme than other types of dessert. While no one might turn down a non-Thanksgiving dessert like chocolate cheesecake, it doesn’t have the holiday feel of pumpkin pie or fried cinnamon apples for example. The following recipes are for paleo desserts that will fit in at any Thanksgiving celebration without the use of grain, dairy, or preservatives.

Paleo Apple Tart

paleo desserts

This recipe from Elana’s Pantry features the combination of cinnamon and apples that are a favorite on holidays like Thanksgiving. Instead of a flour crust, which isn’t Paleo-friendly, this Paleo Apple Tart recipe uses a pecan crust along with arrowroot powder, an ingredient commonly used for Paleo baking. The finished result resembles an apple pie with less crust, and can be made even more tempting when topped with some Paleo whipped cream.

Paleo Coconut Whipped Cream

paleo whipped cream

From fresh fruit to pumpkin pie, whipped cream gives additional flavor and texture to any sweet treats. Since dairy is not consumed on Paleo, full-fat coconut milk is used in combination with natural maple syrup and vanilla extract to make this similar topping that’s ideal for your favorite desserts. This simple recipe for Paleo Coconut Whipped Cream recommends using it within three days, and re-whipping before each subsequent use. Whatever your purpose, you’re bound to find many uses for Paleo Coconut Whipped Cream this Thanksgiving.

Primal Pumpkin Pie

paleo pumpkin pie

If there is a classic Thanksgiving dessert, it’s pumpkin pie. Thanks to crust made from almond flour and coconut oil, Paleo fans can also enjoy this holiday delicacy. Your spice rack will have to be pretty well-stocked since this pie includes all of the common spices found in pumpkin recipes, including ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon. This variation of the recipe from includes nutrition facts for Primal Pumpkin Pie and a second recipe for apple pie filling.

Pecan Pie Bars

paleo thanksgiving desserts

Nuts are one of the primary ingredients used in Paleo cooking, and that’s especially true with Pecan Pie Bars, where nuts are heavily involved in both the crust and filling. If you’ve tried your hand at Paleo baking, then you’ll recognize the usual ingredients that comprise the crust, including arrowroot powder and coconut oil. Once the crust is baked, a couple eggs, cup of pecans, and some natural flavoring are all that’s required for these finger-food versions of an American classic, pecan pie.

Make a Thanksgiving Dessert Worth Waiting For

paleo thanksgiving desserts

At any Thanksgiving feast, there will be a wide variety of foods, ranging from meats and veggies, to stuffing and garnishes. With so many options, desserts can often end up on the backburner, with everyone too full from dozens of side items to care about a slice of pie in the end. For this reason, it’s only the most attractive and tempting desserts that your family, friends, and guests are likely to save room for. With these recipes for Thanksgiving Paleo desserts, you can rest assured that your Primal Pumpkin Pies and Paleo Apple Tarts will be a hit, all while only containing natural ingredients. With proper planning, you can be sure to have a pleasantly paleo Thanksgiving this year.

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