Paleo Apple Pie

We love beautiful food.

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Apple Pie Parfait

Of course by beautiful we mean made with the finest ingredients left as close to their natural state as possible. Celebrating snack and meal occasions by spending time on presentation and creation makes foodie moments picture worthy.

This is one of those moments! Props to our new friends at Forest and Fauna who recently reviewed a sampling of Steve’s PaleoGoods products. Not only did they love our goods, but they took the experience to the next level by creating a Apple Pie Parfait with Apple Pie PaleoKrunch, instant berry ice cream and yogurt. And while it’s not an official Paleo Apple Pie, it sure is refreshing with all of the traditional flavors you have loved since childhood.

Andrea, who runs Forest and Fauna, has a beautiful blog including recipes and lifestyle tips. The ingredients she features on her blog celebrate her “foraging adventures” and seasonal foods. This cookbook author has battled auto-immune disorders and found “a diet rich in pure and simple foods has been my saving grace in my fight against a really crappy disease.”

Andrea recently reviewed several products in the PaleoGoods line up.

“These are the foods you dream of eating when on a road trip or airplane flight. Going forward I am definitely stocking some of their goodies in my pantry so I am always prepared for a last minute trip, or even a simple quick snack at home. Their is nothing worse then traveling all day and arriving somewhere exhausted and starving with zero options for foods that won’t make you feel sick, you know? ”

Yes Andrea, we know. Thank you for sharing the good word about Steve’s PaleoGoods! And thank you for creating a healthy Paleo Apple Pie and ice-cream parfait. YUM!


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