Finding Balance

1623626_10153001981717349_4228602875813695886_nLife is a never-ending balance of priorities–physical, professional and personal. Each day is filled with infinite choice, which is both glorious and terrifying. How we make decisions is often determined not by a quest for balance, but rather, by whatever is on fire directly in front of us. Loving the life we live often means finding the balance BEFORE the blaze begins.

Have you ever been overly hungry, tired or even sick and tried to function during busy stressful day? Maintaining balance is impossible without prioritizing well being. Making time for nutrition, hydration and perspiration is paramount. Ignoring your physical self for an extended period of time will not come without consequence. Love yourself enough to eat good, rest and maintain well-being.

If you don’t feel well, how can you expect to function at your best? The 9-5 isn’t always easy. That’s why they call it “work.” Making a choice to begin each day with a positive outlook will impact your productivity, interactions with your colleagues and your general state of happiness. It’s very easy to find what’s wrong with your job and your co workers if you look. So don’t. Find ways to be more efficient, be a source of positivity for your team members and focus on the parts of your job you love.

If you are physically well and professionally happy, your personal relationships will improve. There’s no magical potion, these bonds need time and attention to be healthy. We all enjoy our low maintenance friends who we can pick up with like no time has passed, but connections with partners, parents, siblings and children require more focused attention. Screen time has replaced family time, and in our overachieving quest for perfection, practices and lessons happen during the traditional dinner hour. Make time to really connect with those you love. Don’t let your kids tell you a story while you are texting, leave the phone in your car on date nights with friends (and lovers) and give up social media in exchange for something that’s actually social.

EKIf your balancing act seems impossible and your daily fires burn out of control, mark this Valentine’s Day with even the smallest of changes. A complete overhaul of life is a daunting task, but picking just a few things to improve upon physically, professionally and personally can get you closer to a life you love.

E-Kelly works on all things E-Commerce at Steve’s PaleoGoods. She also owns CrossFit 1Force in New Jersey with her partner Jesse Crespo. Erin has FOUR kids often seen swiping PaleoGoods off the 1Force shelves.  

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