Breakfast Is Really Important

Face it, your mom was right about breakfast: it’s pretty darn important.

We like to think breakfast isn’t a big deal. We say things like:

  • “I’m fasting.”
  • “Breakfast slows me down. I have things to do.”
  • “I’ll grab something when I get my coffee.”

And those things can all be true … but you’re kind of shooting yourself in the foot if you’re not thinking about (and preparing for) breakfast every day. We only have three major meals every day and each one is important, not only to your training but to your life.

To fill the breakfast hole, some people like an egg on a bagel or sausage on a croissant. “Hey, it’s better than a Pop-Tart!” Sure, it is—but that’s kind of like saying a handful of gravel thrown at your head is better than a stone thrown at your head.

You can do better than an Egg-n-Bagel if your goal is to stay lean and perform your best. Remember, protein is your friend when you’re trying to stay lean, and one egg (with six grams of protein) and a bagel (with 50 grams of carbohydrates) is not a great way to start your nutrition for the day.

So how do you do better for breakfast if you don’t have a lot of time?

Assemble great options and prepare. This doesn’t have to be hard. Here at Steve’s PaleoGoods, we publish a lot of recipes that focus on clean, healthy ingredients. Remember, we only sell real food made from real food—and we supply you with recipes that only contain real food ingredients! So, here’s a list of great, clean breakfast options:

And there are more! Explore the “Paleo Recipes” category on our website, assemble your list of ingredients, and stock up so you have options. Spend your Sunday making some breakfast options for the week.

But what if that doesn’t happen? What if you find yourself so busy and Wednesday morning rolls around and you’re stressed and you don’t have a clean breakfast option?

Don’t give in! Don’t buy that egg on a bagel when you’re getting your coffee. Here are easy, clean options that will be better for you:

So choose that. Buy five PaleoBars and a bunch of bananas: you’re prepped for when the week gets crazy—because we all have good intentions and not a lot of time. We prepare for a workout (“Got my jumprope. There’s my barbell. I’m ready”) so prepare for breakfast and see if that helps. Have a great week!


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