What’s Your Reason to Believe?

Bruce Springsteen has a great line: “At the end of every hard-earned day, people find some reason to believe.”

So what’s yours? What’s your Reason to Believe?

It helps to have a Reason to Believe for your health. Something that keeps you going to the gym, keeps you going at the gym, keeps you eating right when it would be so nice to eat wrong. (Speaking of eating right, have you tried Steve’s Maple Bacon PaleoKrunch? So good.)

It’s probably not enough to say something vague like “I want to live a long life” or “I want to be fit.” I’m talking about a true blue reason to go to the gym when you don’t want to, to get on the trail when you’d rather sit on your buttinski, to make yourself move when all you want to do is wrap yourself up in a blanket and hide from the world. (Netflix, you evil temptress, stop whispering to me!)

What makes you go when your mind says no?

This is your Reason to Believe. Stop right now and think about it.

  • Identify and name it
  • Write it down
  • Burn it into your brain

Your Reason to Believe is that important.

Think. It could be anything:

  • Your kids
  • Your spouse
  • Beating cancer
  • Getting your diabetes under control
  • Lowering your blood pressure
  • Looking great for a wedding
  • Getting stronger for your sport
  • Achieving a greater level of happiness
  • Living to see your grandkids grow up
  • Something else!

The only crucial aspect to your RTB is that it’s important to you. Not important to anyone else. Important to you.

It’s important because if your RTB is something vague and not that personal, you’re likely to abandon it at some point. You’re more likely to give up, more likely to avoid the gym, more likely to hit the snooze button, more likely to eat to console rather than eat to fuel your performance. More likely to say “Who cares?” and leave that barbell getting dusty in your garage or allow your membership to lapse at the gym.

But if your Reason To Believe is something personal, then how about making it super-personal? Cue yourself visually to get to the gym or the trail or the pool or wherever you work your body! Tape a photo to your bathroom mirror. Put a framed picture of your kids next to your bed, so when you want to hit snooze you get up instead. Paste that competition entry form to the back of your front door. Use physical reminders to make sure you get physical so you have a healthy physical!

So, do you have a Reason to Believe? What is it? And, did you do something healthy for yourself today? If not, there’s still time. Get moving!


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