Stuck? 9 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself

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Are you frustrated because your training and nutrition plans don’t seem to be working?

Join the club! And then instantly plan to exit the Unhappy Club of the Unsatisfied. You don’t want to be a member of that club!

Do this: Take a moment and ask yourself nine questions in order to honestly assess your life. This way, you can start getting the answers you need in order to become the uber-healthy, sexy-fit person you want to be.

Ask yourself:  

  1. Are you improving?
  2. Are you regressing?
  3. Are you getting more fit?
  4. Have you gained weight?
  5. Have you gained strength?
  6. Have you lost strength?
  7. Have you lost fat?
  8. Are you miserable?
  9. Are you happy?

Look at your Yes answers and your No answers. Think about why you answered those questions in those ways, and be specific about the reasons behind the yes or no. For example, if you’ve answered “Yes” to “Have you gained weight?”, the reason might be, “I’m eating quick food instead of good food.” 

This isn’t a scientific test, but an inventory so you know where you stand right now at this moment in time, so be honest. False data helps no one.

Then, based on your inventory, make adjustments to your fitness and nutrition plans. Maybe, if you’re not getting stronger, you need to add more strength sessions. Or if you’re strong but unhappy, maybe you need to think about what would make you happy. Remember, there are no right answers, just uncomfortable truths. But uncomfortable truths can light the path to success.

Ask yourself these nine questions every month. Chart your answers, and make adjustments as you need to in order to have the body you want and the life you want. In this process, remember to be fair to yourself. If you’ve decided to concentrate solely on gaining strength for the next month, then realize you might lose some fitness while you’re focusing on gaining strength. That’s okay, if you’ve planned for it.

Pay attention to what fits and what doesn’t, to what looks good and what looks horrible on you, whether that’s an attitude or a workout or a meal. And you know I’m going to say it: don’t eat crap. You wouldn’t eat garbage out of a garbage can, so stop eating it out of a food wrapper. Eat real food made from real food, like Steve’s Bison PaleoJerky or Steve’s Pumpkin & Cranberry PaleoBar.

Nutrition is an individual process. Fitness is an individual process, even when done in a group. You have to keep trying and adjusting in order to find what works for you, so keep trying and keep going! Life doesn’t improve unless you improve. The good news? You can improve. Good luck!

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