All Meat. No Water. No Acid. No Junk.

When you want meat, that’s just want you want. High-quality meat from a reputable source with just enough seasonings to let the flavor shine through. You’d never buy a grass-fed steak injected with preservatives or organic chicken plumped with fillers. At Steve’s PaleoGoods, we deliver the same level of excellence in your on-the-go protein that you demand for your on-the-plate protein.


Clean ingredients are simple to understand–flip to the back of any pack and you should see very few. Look for words like: beef, chicken, spices. Question things like: water, acid, vinegar and sugar.
At Steve’s PaleoGoods, we prepare our PaleoStix with the tried and true method developed by our Paleolithic ancestors. We dry the meat. (And dry it, and dry it and dry it.) Taking the water out of meat makes it shelf stable and safe to eat. But it also results 50% reduction in weight, and therefore we need MORE meat to keep it PURE meat. Our method of preservation is not only the gold standard but also the most expensive.
If you check the ingredient deck on a packaged meat stick and see lactic or citric acid, the meat will have a slightly sour taste. The meat does not need to be dried, the water level stays high and the acid preserves the meat in the package. This method allows the manufacturer to enjoy less of a loss and a higher profit margin, while the consumer gets a watery meat stick with an acidic aftertaste.

Vinegar is another popular additive used to preserve meat
sticks. Sugars and starches can also be added to meats for further preservation and flavor enhancement. Many companies use additives as shortcuts to avoid costly 
shrinkage and maximize profits.
At Steve’s PaleoGoods, we take our time. The meat for our Stix is dried in a smokehouse for over 8 hours. When we are done, all that is left is protein and some good fat. When you buy Steve’s PaleoGoods, you’re not buying water or added ingredients. You are buying meat with a 12-month shelf life, safe to enjoy while on the go, without added preservatives.
Some sticks boast the same NOs as our PaleoStix: no MSG, no nitrates, no sugar, no antibiotics, no hormones and no gluten. But PaleoStix are also acid-free, vinegar-free and water-free. Steve’s preparation method is unique in the industry because it is the Paleo way. Our ancestors stored their meat DRY AND HIGH so other predators would not swipe it while they slept.

We are proud to give you all the meat you want and none of the additives you don’t.
When in doubt about stick ingredients, the answer is simple. Check the deck!

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