What is a Crackling?

These aren’t you father’s cracklings. You know the ones I’m talking about.

You were just a kid, on a road trip, and everyone was hungry. Dad pulled into a TRUCK STOP for a quick snack. As you walked arounPorkRind_GarlicPepper-Sqd and surveyed the very stale but colorful baked pies coated in waxy sugar and wrapped in thick branded plastic, Dad beelined to the meat shelves, as you wondered if that was meat was REAL. Your Dad settled on a few beef sticks and some puffy looking crunchy things a bag.

Much like Steve’s PaleoStix can’t be compared with the Skinny Jims our Dads consumed, Steve’s PaleoCracklings can’t be compared to yesteryear’s pork rinds. Steve’s PaleoCracklings are squeaky clean and flipping delicious.

The actual pork rind is—let’s just get it out there—the skin of a pig. It’s ok to admit you love crunching into the skin of Nom Nom’s Cracklin’ Chicken, and snacking on our Pork Cracklings is no different. We source the highest quality pork that has been sustainably sourced and responsibly raised. Our pork has been fed a clean diet free of antibiotics, hormones and animal by-products.

When it’s crunch you want and carbs you don’t, these treats will hit he spot. To begin the cook process, we start with unrefined extra virgin olive oil and high quality pork rinds. We deep fry the pork rinds to the perfect doneness, and the result speaks for itself. LOUDLY. Post fry, we spice and toss PaleoCracklings into three delicious varieties: Sea Salt and Pepper, Chipotle and Garlic and Pepper.

Cracklings_SeaSaltPepperCRACKlings are appropriately named and VERY addicting. It’s best to take a handful and step away from the tub. Once you pop the top, it’s hard to stop. With 7 grams of protein a serving, this snack will keep you satisfied in between meals.

PaleoCracklings have a 12-month shelf life, and each 3 oz resealable container has 6 servings. If you are following a flexible dieting plan or counting macros, PaleoCrackings are a great way to get protein and fat without carbohydrates.

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