PaleoCRACKlings are AH-mazing

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 3.00.35 PMI love to crunch. Prior to adopting a Paleo lifestyle, pretzels were my go to snack. Once I realized my salty fix had zero nutritional value and were probably doing me more harm than good, I said goodbye to my twisted friends for healthier paleo snacks. But I never stopped missing the snap they provided in my mouth.

Until now.

Appropriately named because they are VERY addicting, you gotta try our new PaleoCracklings! When it’s crunch you want and carbs you don’t, these treats will hit he spot. Fried in unrefined extra virgin coconut oil seasoned with sea salt and pepper, you will be hooked at first crunch.

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 3.00.22 PM
PaleoCracklings pack the cleanest crunch!

These aren’t my father’s pork rinds. I remember him grabbing some at rest stops on family road trips, and the thought of them made me squirm. PaleoCracklings are squeaky clean and wildly delicious. With 7 grams of protein a serving, this snack keeps me very satisfied in between meals. It’s best to take a handful and step away from the tub. Once you pop the top, it’s hard to stop.

PaleoCracklings have a 12-month shelf life, and each 3 oz resealable container has 6 servings. If you are following the flexible dieting or counting macros, PaleoCrackings are a great way to get protein and fat without carbohydrates. They come in Sea Salt & Pepper, Garlic Pepper and Chipotle varieties. I don’t have a favorite. They are all that good.

I get to read a ton of customer email here at Steve’s PaleoGoods. The following is an excerpt from a

E-Kelly works on all things E-Commerce at Steve's PaleoGoods.
E-Kelly works on all things E-Commerce at Steve’s PaleoGoods.

customer named Danielle. It could be my favorite of all time. “Salt and pepper PaleoCracklings- wow, I have no words, mostly cause my mouth is full of cracklings.” 

I know what you mean Danielle. My mouth is full too!

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