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T’is the season for holiday travel. If you’re facing tempting get togethers, long drives, connecting flights and office cookie platters, there’s only one way to prepare. And that’s to PREPARE! Here’s some ideas for on-the-go clean eating. 

Protein is essential to optimum health, building muscle, and staying fueled throughout the day. Finding protein in an airport or on a holiday appetizer buffet is not always easy. PaleoKits and PaleoStix are the the most travel-friendly protein sources on the market. Sure there are others, but we encourage you to check the nutrition deck! No preservatives, no additives, no acid and no added sugar make our original and grass-fed options perfect protein when you need it most. Also good? Pre-packed tuna in travel pouches! (But not in spaces with tight quarters. Whip out the tuna on a plane and you’ll get some stinky looks.) 

At Steve’s PaleoGoods, we are nuts about nuts. They are the main ingredient in our beloved PaleoKrunch. The delicious original recipe comes in a bar for good portion control or a resealable pouch for easy travel. Our exciting varieties include KaleoKruch bars, with nutrient powerhouse Kale, for those who like their salty-sweet or Pumpkinand Dark Chocolate Espresso for a seasonal treat. Toss our new PaleoNutButter in your back pack and you’ll have a nice compliment to an apple or banana. We love it straight from the jar.
Clean carbs are a necessary part of any balanced diet. Our line of Dried Fruits are just that: dried fruit with no added junk. Resealable and delicious, it will be a challenge to put down the bag. For our friends who can’t, we recently developed single-serve one ounce portions of our best-selling Mangos and Strawberries, saving room in your bag AND in your stomach. For the ultimate guilt-free sweet treat, try our PaleoKoko macaroon trail mix. 
Busy travelers can confuse thirst for hunger, so don’t forget to HYDRATE! Consume extra water before holiday cocktails or plane travel, as both can promote dehydration. If you’re headed to a cocktail party, you can always bring paleo-friendly holiday choices as mixers such as coconut water or kombucha. 
We want you to be stocked, locked and loaded with our PaleoGoods for the season.  As a special pre-holiday thank you for making Steve’s PaleoGoods your trusted on-the-go option, we are happy to offer you 15% OFF SITE WIDE from now until Wednesday.  Shop NOW to ensure quantities of our best-sellers.  Use code HOLIDAYTRAVEL at checkout.
Here’s to Healthy Travel! 
Your Friends at Steve’s PaleoGoods


PLEASE NOTE: Sale runs 12:01 am EST Monday, November 10, 2014 through 11:59 pm EST Wednesday, November 12, 2014.  Enter coupon code HOLIDAYTRAVEL during checkout and 15% will be automatically deducted from your total BEFORE shipping.  No discounts will be applied to shipping costs.  The 15% site-wide discount can not be used in conjunction with any other discount code, wholesale discount, or free wholesale shipping. PaleoPrime+ members will enjoy the 15% site-wide discount and the free shipping included with membership. The 15% off site-wide discount does not apply to PaleoPlate Chili or Pork, new PaleoPrime+ memberships, Gift Certificates and products in the Steve’s Specials section. 


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